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2019 End Of Week Scholarship Winners

The following students received scholarships based on their display of leadership qualities and performance in debates and current event discussions conducted over the course of the week:

Session 1 Scholarship Winners

Brayden T., North Carolina


Sarah C., Washington


Zane W., Arkansas


Savannah S., Texas


Stephanie W., Connecticut


Meg M., New York


Session 2 Scholarship Winners

Cobey L., North Carolina


Hannah W., Massachusetts


Eric D., Illinois


Hays T., Virginia


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For more information about the NRA Youth Education Summit, please call us at (800) 672-3888 ext. 1351 or email yes@nrahq.org.

Youth Education Summit

A week-long competitive fellowship in Washington, D.C. enables high school sophomores and juniors to explore their passion for the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our American government.