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Y.E.S. State Summits

Founded in conjunction with the National Y.E.S. program, the State Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) program was created to teach high school students more about their state governments and the roles their generation of voters will play. A special emphasis is also placed on the benefits of firearms ownership.

Many states host their own state Y.E.S. programs. Students from these states must attend their state Y.E.S. before attending the National Y.E.S. program. In most cases, students participating in these state programs can earn a spot in the National Y.E.S. and an award for being the top state student.

Each state has different age requirements for participants. Please check the application for your state, or contact your state’s Y.E.S. coordinator.


The next Idaho YES program will be held March 7, 2024 - March 10, 2024. Applications must be received by January 26, 2024. Please contact Idaho YES Coordinator Matthew Faulks at 208-941-8090 or [email protected] for more information. Download the application here!

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Please contact Texas Field Representatives, Liz Foley, [email protected] or Tyler Ward, [email protected] for more information or if you’re interested in helping plan the next Texas state summit.

Y.E.S. State Summits FAQs

Still have questions about the Y.E.S. state summit programs? Explore the frequently asked questions below.

What are the goals of State Y.E.S.?

The main goals of this program are to give these students the opportunity to develop an awareness and desire to participate in all levels of government, learn about their state's unique heritage and history, and obtain a better understanding of volunteer organizations and how young citizens can become involved in serving their communities.

What happens at the state summits?

Students spend four days in the state capital visiting with legislative and political leaders and learning about their state's history by touring museums and historical sites. In addition, students are introduced to various career opportunities relating directly or indirectly to their interest in firearms, such as law enforcement or military service. Careers in wildlife and conservation are also included within this scope. Students also practice their public speaking and debate skills through carefully designed group exercises.

How is a State Y.E.S. funded?

Funding for the program comes primarily through grants from each state's State Fund Committee. Funding may also be secured through state associations, local businesses and other sponsors or donors. The end result is that students attend Y.E.S. free of charge, though they are required to cover their own transportation costs to and from the program.

Why should you get involved?

The program teaches valuable leadership skills and promotes students to become involved as active citizens in their local community. State Y.E.S. allows more students to participate, thereby creating a larger grassroots base. Instead of reaching just forty students each year at the national level, multiple State Y.E.S. programs throughout the year could potentially reach hundreds or more annually.

How do you get involved?

First, touch base with your NRA field representative and let them know that you are interested in starting a State Y.E.S. in your area. Next, contact NRA Headquarters for an informational press kit, which includes materials to help you get started. You can also download the Volunteer's Guide to Starting a State Youth Education Summit. Follow the instructions in the guide to secure funding and schedule a summit in your state.

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For more information about the NRA Youth Education Summit, please email [email protected].

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